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Divers-at-a-Bar (DaaB) Photos

We are not just divers at a bar, but we can be that too.

We dare our diving colleagues to send us their best “Divers-at-a Bar” (DaaB) photos. To be a eligible for posting on our site, the photo must depict: (1) Divers of drinking age, (2) In a bar, and (3) Wearing dive gear [and other appropriate clothing, of course]. Minimally acceptable “dive gear” is a mask and snorkel, but the more dive gear worn the better! Please include details of the photograph including date, location, and participating diver names. By submitting DaaB imagery, you certify you are the copyright holder of the image and grant permission to post the image royalty-free on its website.


To get things started, we thought you would enjoy this original artwork by Ray Troll, which is available at the Ray Troll Web Store. The image below ("Dive Bar") is available for purchase in a variety of formats, but make sure to check out the rest of his very unique artwork.

Dive Bar by Ray Troll (copyright)

Dive Bar © Ray Troll. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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