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SCUBA*tag is a rugged, 1.5-inch (38mm) anodized red aluminum tag featuring your name (or nickname) on the front side in large letters along with your full name, date of birth (DOB), contact information (phone and email), medical conditions, and emergency contact information on the reverse side. The SCUBA*tag can be affixed to any dive equipment with its stainless steel split ring. Order one SCUBA*tag and get a second, identical SCUBA*tag for free for only $XX.XX!  

SCUBA*tag Sections

The SCUBA*tag has the following assigned sections. When you order your SCUBA*tag, you will be asked to complete each of the defined sections. To order your own SCUBA*tag, please:

  • Review the below information for an explanation of each section of the SCUBA*tag.

  • Complete the online form with information for each section of the SCUBA*tag.

  • Pay for your SCUBA*tags using the convenient PayPal links where you will also let us know where to send your tags. If you are ordering SCUBA*tags in a name other than your own, please note this in your PayPal payment.

Customized sections for the SCUBA*tag are also available. Please contact us for special pricing and details.


This is the name that will be displayed in large letters on side 1 of the SCUBA*tag. This side is designed to be facing outward on your worn equipment so that dive crew and dive buddies can recognize you no matter how much dive equipment you have on.

Full Name

This is the name that will be imprinted on the back side (side 2) of your SCUBA*tag.

Date of Birth

Engraved on side 2 of the SCUBA*tag, your birthdate (DOB) will be formatted in the day-month-year format, i.e., 25-Dec-1981.

Contact Information

This section is for your contact information. Typically it includes phone number (in international format, i.e,. +1-213.555.1212 for US numbers) and email address, but any information can be printed in this area up to *** characters.

Medical Information

The medical information section of your SCUBA*tag can contain any relevant information that might be helpful to dive crew, your dive buddy, or first responders. This section can contain up to *** characters.

Emergency Contact

The last section of your SCUBA*tag is intended for contact information in case of an emergency. Usually, this will include the name of your emergency contact and their phone number. This section can contain up to ** characters.

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One order includes two (2) SCUBA*tags

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