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Scurfa Watches: Made for Deep Divers with Shallow Pockets 

Bottom Line: Every once in a while we run across a product that we want to tell everyone about. So is the case with Scurfa Watches and its Diver One watch: Traditional, sturdy, beefy, dense, easy to read, and well priced.

We were recently in the market for a dive watch—something traditional, sturdy, beefy, dense, easy to read, and not too expensive. Consumer market research began and we happened upon some outstanding reviews of Scurfa Watches. Yes, Scurfa. We were particularly intrigued by the watch’s reasonable price and the company’s story.


We whittled down the competition to two timepieces: (1) The incomparable Citizen Promaster Diver, and (2) The Scurfa Diver One. We decided to go with the relative newbie to the watch market and we couldn’t be happier.


Among its many outstanding features, the Diver One is rated to 1,000 feet and has a domed sapphire crystal that makes reading time underwater a breeze. The second-hand is prominent—particularly helpful for dive instructors when conducting timed scuba training exercises.


It’s solid, attractive, and classic design gets lots of compliments on dive boats. (It even looks good on a female diver’s wrist.) The watch’s rubber band is sufficiently large enough to work with a 7mm wetsuit.


The Scurfa line of dive watches continues to expand with its latest offering, the striking Bell Diver 1, with a rated depth of 1,640 feet. It’s price point is higher than the Diver One, but its unique look deserves your look.


If you are in the market for a classic dive watch but have pockets that aren’t as deep as you dive, we suggest you give Scurfa some serious consideration.

This product review is solely the opinion of ATA/BAR DIVERS as a product consumer and is provided without compensation, affiliation or consideration of any kind.

Scurfa Diver One watch face

Figure 1. The Scurfa Diver One.

Scurfa Diver One caseback

Figure 2. Caseback of the Scurfa Diver One.

Profile of Scufa Diver One watch

Figure 3. Profile of the Scurfa Diver One.

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