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    DUSLATE®mini On Sale Here the world's first underwater electronic dive slate GO

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    A Better Dive Slate. Meet the DUSLATE® mini e-Slate. Sold here. Ships from California USA. The electronic writing board is an updated solution to traditional—and oftentimes ineffective—underwater writing slates. DUSLATE® mini To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Bottom Line Designed for quick communications between divers, the Dusol is a sleek and slender electronic replacement for traditional diver writing devices that can be bulky, difficult to read, and nearly impossible to erase underwater. DUSLATE mini BUY NOW Is it just us or do all divers have a dusty bag full of ? You know what we mean—all the trinkets and tchotchkes purchased in hopes of transforming our future dive experiences into something beyond magical. dive gear disappointments ​ For you, maybe it was the latest cutting device, light, fin set, gear keeper or mesh bag that you couldn't do without. In our case, our disappointment bag is rife with underwhelming underwater communications devices: Flat slates, wrist slates, booklets, waterproof note pads; even a tube designed to "talk" into your buddy's ear while submerged! Thankfully, we were recently introduced to the DUSLATE mini— . the world's first electronic writing board for diving ​ To use the , just start writing on the screen. Anything pointy—like a fingernail—will do, but is best to use the included stylus. To delete the screen, the stylus must contact the round erase button. This function makes sure your screen is not accidentally erased. DUSLATE mini ​ is great for quick and simple communications underwater. It is so simple to use that during a recent Open Water training dive, one of our students grabbed the and wrote a question she had without any instruction on how to use it. DUSLATE mini DUSLATE mini The black screen generates green writing, which is actually underwater than it is out of water. Check out the of the DUSLATE in action. The will not replace all other underwater notes though. For instance, a comprehensive backup dive plan should still be recorded on a separate slate or notepad. more visible YouTube videos DUSLATE mini ​ The DUSLATE mini runs on a standard 3-volt CR1632 Lithium coin battery (~$4.50 for Duracell CR1632 on ), is rated to 197 feet (60 meters), and has a two-year warranty from date of sale. Your DUSLATE mini includes an orange neoprene case to protect your e-slate while out of the water. For additional products details, see information boxes below. CLICK to Buy DUSLATE mini $75 + $5 Flat Rate USA Shipping Designed and manufactured in Russia, the is a relative newcomer to the dive market. It can be purchased directly from the , but with international shipping and potential customs tariffs, the price for the is at least $90 US. DUSLATE mini manufacturer DUSLATE mini ATA/BAR Divers works directly with manufacturer Dusol to sell the direct to divers in the United States for . The flat rate shipping charge of $5 is for USPS Priority Mail® service to all 50 states and U.S. territories that regularly receive Priority Mail® service. DUSLATE mini $75 ​ For divers outside of the United States or those with APO/FPO/DPO addresses, please contact us using the form below for a shipping quote. Please include your location information (city, state/province, country, and postal code) when you write. Payments are accepted via PayPal. ​ Whether you are a dive instructor, Divemaster, dive guide or traditional dive buddy, we think the will make a great addition to your dive kit. DUSLATE mini Product Info Description Electronic Writing Board for Diving Product Model: DM2019X Manufacturer: Dusol Country of Origin: Russia Website: Size & Weight Overall Size: 5-3/8" x 4" Approximate Measurements Screen Size: 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" Thickness: 0.3" overall 0.5" at battery compartment Weight: 3.4 oz Components Includes DUSLATE mini, stylus, stylus coil, case, battery & product info Battery type: 3V CR1632 Lithium Maximum Depth: 197 feet (60 m) Warranty: 2 year from date of sale Contact Us About the DUSLATE mini Submit We will be in contact shortly about the DUSLATE mini

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    Training As a courtesy to Ventura County diving enthusiasts and potential scuba students, we offer this list of PADI scuba training providers and schedules, where available. The links below reflect the latest information available from the noted PADI training facility on each class page. ATA/BAR Divers does not make or accept training class reservations. Please call or visit the respective PADI training facility to sign-up for classes. Prices subject to change—and classes subject to cancellation—without notice. VENTURA DIVE & SPORT 1559 Spinnaker Dr, Suite 108 Ventura, CA 93001 (805) 650-6500 PADI Open Water Diver Course * 5-8 days Always wanted to take scuba diving lessons? This is where it starts. Get certified by PADI – the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba training organization. Emergency First Response * 1 day Are you ready to handle an emergency? Learn first aid, CPR and how to operate an AED. Be prepared to give the necessary aid to a family member, dive buddy or co-workers, before Emergency Medical Services arrive. PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course * 2-4 days Build confidence and expand your scuba skills. Try out different specialties while gaining important experience under the supervision of your PADI Instructor. PADI Rescue Diver Course * 5-7 days Considered by many divers to be the most challenging, yet most rewarding, course they’ve ever taken. Learn to prevent and manage in-water problems and become more confident in your skills as a diver. PADI Enriched Air Specialty * 1 day The Enriched Air Diver course is popular because enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. PADI Divemaster Course * 2-3 weeks Deep Diver Specialty Course * 2-4 days Do you feel confined by the 18 metres/60 feet limit of Open Water certification? Learn to scuba dive with confidence at depths down to 40 metres/130 feet. Dry Suit Diver Specialty Course * 2-4 days Do wet suits keep you cooler (and wetter) than what you'd prefer? Want to extend dives and lengthen your diving season? Try going dry! A dry suit seals you off from the water and keeps you comfortable, even in surprisingly cold water. Take the first step in becoming a PADI Pro and do what you love to do as a career. Scuba divers look up to divemasters because they are leaders who mentor and motivate others.

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    Divers-at-a-Bar (DaaB) Photos We are not just divers at a bar, but we can be that too. We dare our diving colleagues to their best “Divers-at-a Bar” (DaaB) photos. To be a eligible for posting on our site, the photo must depict: (1) Divers of drinking age, (2) In a bar, and (3) Wearing dive gear [and other appropriate clothing, of course]. Minimally acceptable “dive gear” is a mask and snorkel, but the more dive gear worn the better! Please include details of the photograph including date, location, and participating diver names. By submitting DaaB imagery, you certify you are the copyright holder of the image and grant permission to post the image royalty-free on its website. send us "DIVE BAR" To get things started, we thought you would enjoy this original artwork by , which is available at the . The image below ("Dive Bar") is available for in a variety of formats, but make sure to check out the rest of his artwork. Ray Troll Ray Troll Web Store purchase very unique © Dive Bar Ray Troll. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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    Fortress Clothing® Xsssss Bottom Line Xxxxxxx During an airing of ABC’s , our attention was drawn to a pitch on Episode 10, Season 11 when a video played of a . What was most intriguing was how quickly he claimed to recover from that bone-chilling experience. Shark Tank man plunging himself into an ice hole ​ The man taking the icy dip through a frozen lake hole wore apparel from Fortress Clothing®, a Utah-based company whose slogan is Warm to the Core™. Fortress Clothing describes itself as “… an outdoor clothing brand that keeps your core warm, even when you’re wet,” ( ) and claims “we found a way to keep you warm even when wet” ( ). As divers, our immediate thought was if this clothing line had an application in the underwater environment. The Fortress Clothing website focuses on outdoor enthusiasts, snow sport athletes, industrial workers, public safety, military personnel & preppers. What about the diving sector? We reached out to the company and corresponded with Dale Lewis, President of Fortress All Weather Gear. According to Dale, the company has a number of drysuit divers using Classic (½-inch insulation) Fortress Clothing apparel as undergarments and have reported “great success.” We had to find out for ourselves. Without much delay, our first Fortress apparel arrived. For our first boat dive outing, we tried the Base Pro 1/4 Zip as a surface interval warm-up top for the wetsuit diver and the Base Pro Crew as undergarment top for the drysuit diver. For those not familiar with Southern California diving: It can be an uncomfortable experience, with ocean temperatures dipping into the low 50s in wintertime. Depending on air temperature, it is not unusual for there to be little respite from the cold. Scuba parkas provide little relief for wetsuit divers during surface intervals and dry suit undergarments are known to quickly become uncomfortable with the smallest of seal leaks. Here are how are tests turned out: Wetsuit Test With water temperatures hovering at 57°F and air temperature in the mid-60s, warming up between dives with a wetsuit is usually a challenge. After exiting the water, our male divers stripped his 7/8 mm wetsuit down to the waist. The Base Pro 1/4 Zip was pulled on and it immediately began warming the chest, stomach, back, and arms. During the standard 60-minute surface interval, core temperatures returned to normal—which was a pleasantly unique experience. The only wish was to try out the Fortress gloves to make chilly hands warmer! The collar design on the Base Pro 1/4 Zip makes it impractical for use under a wetsuit. The long sleeves defeat the internal dams built in the arms of most semidry wetsuits. A vest might make for a good insulating layer for wetsuit divers. Drysuit Test Used as the only undergarment top with the Waterproof D1 Hybrid, the Base Pro Crew proved to handle a leaky neck seal wonderfully. The outer portion of the top was wet to the touch, but the water wicked away from the inside leaving the diver dry and warm. She was not aware of the neck leak until after the dive when it was evident the outer portion of the top was wet. On a second boat trip, the diver used the same configuration, but this time, a much larger slug of water—about a cup—entered the neck seal. The diver felt the water enter her drysuit but her skin stayed dry throughout the dive. This is not like most drysuit undergarments that get wet and cold with any type of leak. Other characteristics: Buoyancy & Fit Fortress Clothing items have slight positive buoyancy. When fully saturated, the Base Pro Crew floated at the surface of a freshwater pool. Adding one pound caused the top to sink. As a drysuit undergarment, the diver added one pound to her weights to compensate for the Base Pro Crew buoyant characteristics in ocean water. ​ The Fortress apparel sizing chart was accurate for us. Drysuits like the Waterproof D-1 are loose-fitting and less-snug undergarments work acceptably, but if you wear a neoprene drysuit, you might want to consider going a size smaller in tops to ensure a snug fit under an equally snug overgarment. Next Tests In cold water (<60°F): Wear the Classic Vest under a wetsuit to see if the vest enhances core warmth retention and/or shortens surface interval recovery time. In tepid water (~75°F): Wear the Classic Vest over a long sleeve rash guard (no wetsuit) to determine if the vest enhances core warmth retention and/or shortens surface interval recovery time.

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    Free & Easy Underwater Image Editing with GIMP Looking for a cheap and easy software fix for your imperfect digital underwater images? Give Bottom Line : GIMP a try. GIMP, the Gnu Image Manipulation Program Those of us at ATA/BAR DIVERS have been called many things of the years, but none of us have ever been accused of being underwater photographers. Sure, we love our little ® cameras and underwater lights, but our rigs—and general photographic knowledge—pale in comparison to some of the set-ups regularly seen on dive outings. GoPro While we may know our place in the true underwater photographers’ world, it does not keep us from trying to find that perfect shot, in spite of our underpowered equipment. Recently on a dive at , a , with its unusual and almost human-like lips, took a fancy to us and our GoPro® camera and lights. The water conditions were good but not perfect, and to add additional injury to this photo was the floating string that attaches the Polar Pro® macro lens to the camera housing, which enabled the close-up photo of this golden fish with its funky lips. Anacapa Island Garibaldi Underwater Kinetics Switchblade 2.0 The photo seemed salvageable but I needed help from an image editing program to deal with the lens twine and the so-called , which is basically the illumination of particulate (floating bits of junk) in the water by camera or natural lighting. Off to the internet we went, looking for a solution that didn’t have a deep learning curve. backscatter One diver blogged about , the . The price was right (free but gladly accepted) and it did exactly what was needed to correct backscatter, errant twine and other image imperfections. GIMP Gnu Image Manipulation Program donations GIMP is an open source project that has been around since 1996. It is as easy—or as challenging—a program as you want to make it. We quickly found that the Healing Tool was magical and a favorite in dealing with imperfections, followed by the Clone Tool. Beyond managing image imperfections, the available tools are seemingly endless, but one you might want to examine closely is Color Management. If you find your red lens overpowers ambient light underwater, you can quickly try to tweak colors by using the multiple tools found under the Colors dropdown menu. The list of available tools could go on, but it won’t. If you are an avid (but uneducated) underwater photographer who is not willing to spend gobs of money or months of time learning a top-end image editing program, but want some great results for no investment, download a free copy of today. You should have visible results within minutes! GIMP

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    Videos We have posted a smattering of dive trip videos on YouTube. Check out the or click on the links below. ATA/BAR DIVERS YouTube Channel California Diving: Santa Cruz Island Bonaire Diving: Day & Night Riviera Maya, Mexico: Diving Cenotes with Beyond Diving Honduras: Diving Roatan with CoCo View Resort Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4 Underwater Video Examples Mexico: Diving Cozumel with Blue XT~Sea Diving. 2018 PADI Women's Dive Day @ Channel Islands Nat'l Park PADI Tec Series training dives with Horizon Divers aboard the ex-USS Spiegel Grove in Key Largo, Florida. Check out the underwater world off the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. California Diving: The Channel Islands Florida: Dive on the Ex-Spiegel Grove Honduras: Diving Guanaja with Clearwater Paradise Resort Mexico: Diving Socorro Islands with Nautilus Belle Amie Hawaii: Diving Ni'ihau with Fathom Five Divers $5 Dive Flashlight: Too Good to be True? Indonesia Diving: Wakatobi Dive Resort When a green sea turtle passes a scuba diver, there is clearly a mission ahead! Watch what happens. Florida: Lionfish hunting in Panama City.

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    Scuba Equipment Reviews We love to dive, and our goal is to share information about scuba diving equipment. The opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the founding members of and do not reflect the opinion of dive operators we may be affiliated with. Our orientation is a positive one that promotes the good things in diving; we do not dwell on the bad. But occasionally, our experience may be less-than-acceptable with a product or service—and we will share that with our readers. Experiences can be different depending on the divers involved. We offer you our opinions on our experiences; we do not offer a forum to voice differing opinions on our postings. We welcome you to post differing opinions at other sites. ATA/BAR Divers Product Review: TAC Non-Military Fin Do these fins even work? That was our first impression of the TAC fins when they showed up at the door. It is smaller and lighter than any fin you've experienced. Product Review: Defiant XT Fin The Defiant XT provides a booted foot with a solid platform to work with. With its comfortable but firm foot pocket grasp, my foot and the Defiant become one. Product Review: The $5 Flashlight Sold by dozens of eBay retailers and frequently labeled "Shallow Light," how does this $5 US flashlight hold up under real diving conditions? We tested it out. Review: DGX Rio Gauge Reader Mask If you are grappling with the close-up vision limitations of being a mature diver, there is an inexpensive and effective solution for your older eyes underwater. Cheap & Easy Image Editing Try GIMP! A free and easy software fix for your underwater digital images is just a download away. Review: Olympus TG-4 Camera Looking for a low-cost digital video still camera with exceptional features to chronicle your underwater experiences? Your search might be over with the TG-4. and Product Review: Scurfa Watches The Scurfa Diver One is a reasonably priced, solid, classic dive watch that will turn heads on your next boat trip. Product Review: Dryrobe ® Dryrobe : A solution to changing out of cold, wet gear when few privacy options are available. ® Product Review: $4 Wet Notes Pad Check out this inexpensive solution to taking important notes underwater. Avoid paying $30 or more for products designed and customized for divers. Review & For Sale: DUSLATE mini Designed for quick communications between divers, the Dusol DUSLATE mini is the world's first electronic writing board ("e-slate") for diving.

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    PADI & HSA Scuba Training Members of ATA/BAR Divers are certified diving professionals (instructors/divemasters) with (Professional Association of Scuba Diving Instructors) and (Handicapped Scuba Association). We offer instruction in the area of Ventura County, California, in association with our partner dive shop operators. Our PADI Professionals offer instruction in English, French, Hungarian, Korean, and Vietnamese. PADI HSA ​ Our typical course offerings include the following: ​ PADI Open Water Diver PADI Advanced Open Water Diver multi-level diver certification (based upon in-water abilities) Handicapped Scuba Association PADI Enriched Air Diver PADI Night Diver PADI Deep Diver PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy PADI Underwater Navigator PADI ReActivate™ Scuba Refresher Course PADI Search & Recovery Diver PADI Dry Suit Diver PADI Drift Diver PADI Rescue Diver Emergency First Response® (First Aid/CPR) Instruction We pride ourselves in thorough instruction at all levels. Scuba training should never be a speed learning course, but that is what it has become at many dive locations around the world. We are committed to making you a successful and safe diver, and we take our time to make sure you get the most from our courses. We expect you make a similar time commitment of your time, preparation and attention. ​ For example, in a typical Open Water Diver course, plan on spending up to four hours in the classroom, up to 10 hours in the pool, and two full days (up to six open water dives) diving the beautiful Channel Islands. If this level of commitment is not compatible with your schedule, we suggest you seek training elsewhere. ​ about their learning experiences with instructors affiliated with ATA/BAR Divers. To find out about upcoming courses, please . Read what our former students have to say contact us

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    Swimmer's Ear: A Diver's Home Remedy for Your Consideration Every once in a while we run across a solution worth sharing. So is the case with this home remedy for Swimmer’s Ear: A solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide, 25% isopropyl alcohol, and 25% white vinegar. Bottom Line : Disclaimer If you happened upon this page, you are likely in search of a home remedy for what is commonly called "Swimmer’s Ear." This article is not about pressure-related ear issues or equalization problems; nor is it necessarily about preventing Swimmer’s Ear; it is about how we successfully dealt with a Swimmer’s Ear infection while diving abroad without medical support. We are not medical professionals. The solution that worked for us may be in complete contrast with what your personal physician might recommend. As always, consult your physician if available... but there were no doctors available for us, hence this story! The Longer Story About a week into a two-week diving trip abroad, one of our ATA/BAR DIVERS’ members started suffering from outer ear canal pain, which was intense at times. The pain radiated below and behind the ear and the canal never seemed to fully dry. The diver was convinced the problem was not associated with the eardrum, the middle ear, or the Eustachian Tube, as equalizing during dives was not compromised. Professional medical treatment was not an option. First: The diver made sure there was no ear wax blocking the ear canal by using an over-the-counter ear wax removal kit (liquid solution and a bulb aspirator) and flushing the ear. Second: The diver tried a popular over-the-counter product made for drying out the ear canal. Made from 95% isopropyl alcohol and 5% glycerin, these drops only caused an intense burning sensation that could not be tolerated. (In hindsight, a product like this is not intended for use during an active ear infection.) Third: The diver filled the ear canal with hydrogen peroxide several times over two days. While the foam created by this treatment was quite the spectacle, the peroxide did not alleviate symptoms. Finally: A offered his “proven remedy” for prevention and intervention of external ear infections: A solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide, 25% isopropyl alcohol, and 25% white vinegar. Within two days, all symptoms of Swimmer's Ear vanished! wise man of the sea Post Analysis Before moving forward with a home remedy for Swimmer’s Ear, make sure your condition is not something worse, like . Swimmer’s Ear (otitis externa) symptoms are well defined on . barotrauma this Google page Being an over-user of within the external ear canal doesn’t help matters. Ear wax is there for a purpose; cleaning the ears in this manner can lead to abrasions and makes the ear more susceptible to infection. See the Time Magazine article: Q-tips Should I Use Q-tips to Clean My Ears? Preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of contracting Swimmer’s Ear can include a variety of home remedy solutions. Our recommends his solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide, 25% isopropyl alcohol, and 25% white vinegar. Wise Man of the Sea We will be packing this solution on every dive trip and will be using it to rather than having to deal with an active infection! prevent ear infections Links by Divers Alert Network (DAN) Stop the Drops by Philadelphia Magazine ASK A TOP DOC: How Can I Prevent Swimmers Ear? by the Mayo Clinic Swimmer’s Ear by DAN Can You Prevent Otitis Externa, or Swimmers Ear? by DAN More on Swimmers Ear by DAN Keeping It Clean: Reasons for Good Aural Hygiene by DAN Ears & Diving by DAN The Complete Guide to the Ear by Blausen Anatomy of the Ear: Video Diver's Ears: Equalizing Help Are you challenged with equalizing your ears? You are not alone! There are several online information sources you might find helpful: by the Divers Alert Network. Among other things, the guide discusses different techniques for equalizing ears. If these written instructions leave you a bit confused, check out... The Diver’s Complete Guide to the Ear by Edmond Kay, M.D., University of Washington School of Medicine. A veteran diver himself, Dr. Kay demonstrates equalization techniques and examines several divers’ ears. The helpful and interesting six-part YouTube series is about an hour long. To go directly to the discussion on equalization, . If you are looking for a shorter time commitment... The Healthy-U – Diver’s Ear: Under Pressure click here Dr. Frans Cronjé with posted which offers some interesting tips and illustrations. DAN Southern Africa this 14-minute YouTube video