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    A Better Dive Slate. Meet the DUSLATE® MINI e-Slate. Sold here by authorized distributor. Ships from USA. The DUSLATE® MINI electronic writing board is an updated solution to traditional—and oftentimes ineffective—underwater writing slates. To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Bottom Line Designed for quick communications between divers, the Dusol DUSLATE MINI is a sleek and slender electronic replacement for traditional diver writing devices that can be bulky, difficult to read, and nearly impossible to erase underwater. ORDERS PLACED AFTER MAY 11, 2022 WILL SHIP ON JUNE 2, 2022 BUY NOW Meet the DUSLATE MINI—the world's first electronic writing board for diving . To use the DUSLATE MINI , just start writing on the screen. Anything pointy—like a fingernail—will work, but it is best to use the included stylus. To delete the screen, tap the round erase button (located just below the screen) with this stylus. Only a stylus tap will erase the slate to ensure your screen is not accidentally erased. ​ The DUSLATE MINI is great for quick and simple communications underwater. It is so simple to use that during Open Water training dives, our students write questions without any previous instruction. The black screen generates green writing, which is actually more visible underwater than it is out of water. Check out YouTube videos of the DUSLATE MINI in action. The DUSLATE MINI is not intended to replace semi-permanent notepads used to record such things as a backup technical dive plan. ​ The DUSLATE MINI runs on a standard 3-volt CR1632 Lithium coin battery (~$4 for Duracell CR1632 on ), is rated to 197 feet (60 meters), and has a two-year warranty from date of sale. Your DUSLATE MINI includes an orange neoprene sleeve to protect your e-slate while out of the water. For additional products details, see information boxes below. ​ Whether you are a dive instructor, Divemaster, dive guide or traditional dive buddy, we think the DUSLATE MINI will make a great addition to your dive kit! CLICK to Buy DUSLATE MINI $90 + $5 Flat Rate USA Shipping for (1) DUSLATE MINI & Orange Sleeve Orders placed after May 11 will ship on June 2, 2022 ATA/BAR Divers is an authorized U.S. distributor of the Dusol DUSLATE MINI .* Flat rate shipping ($5) for USPS First-Class Package Service ® to all 50 states and U.S. territories that regularly receive USPS® mail. ​ INTERNATIONAL DIVERS For divers outside of the United States and its territories, p lease contact us directly—using the form below—for an international shipping quote. For accuracy, please include your complete shipping address including postal code. FOR A LIMITED TIME: DUSLATE MINI ACCESSORIES! For a limited time, ATA/BAR Divers is pleased to present the following DUSLATE MINI extras and accessories. Supplies are limited . If you are interested in purchasing any of these accessories either individually or with your DUSLATE MINI and orange neoprene sleeve, please use the contact form below and describe what items you would like to purchase. We will send you a quote as soon as possible. Invoices are processed using PayPal. The two-sided plastic cases are available in four colors and are designed specifically for the DUSLATE MINI . These cases offer efficient protection of the display and device from accidental damage. Made of 3D photopolymer. Weight: 3.5 oz (100 g). ​ *To confirm authorized U.S. distributorship of the DUSLATE MINI by ATA/BAR Divers, see the Dusol LLC authorized dealer page at . ​ Orange Plastic Case $19.99 Blue Plastic Case $19.99 Red Plastic Case $19.99 Black Plastic Case $19.99 Turquoise Neoprene Sleeve $9.99 Orange Neoprene Sleeve $9.99 Black Neoprene Sleeve $9.99 Stylus $4.99 Stylus Coil $3.99 Product Info Description Electronic Writing Board for Diving Product Model: DM2019X Manufacturer: Dusol Country of Origin: Russia Website: Size & Weight Approximate Measurements Overall Size: 5-3/8" x 4" Screen Size: 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" Thickness: 0.3" overall 0.5" at battery compartment Weight: 3.4 oz Components Includes DUSLATE MINI, stylus, stylus coil, case, battery & product info Battery type: 3V CR1632 Lithium Maximum Depth: 197 feet (60 m) Warranty: 2 year from date of sale Contact Us About the DUSLATE MINI Submit We will be in contact shortly about the DUSLATE MINI

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    DUSLATE mini On Sale Here the world's first underwater electronic dive slate GO

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    Videos We have posted a smattering of dive trip videos on YouTube. Check out the ATA/BAR DIVERS YouTube Channel or click the links below. California Diving: Santa Cruz Island Bonaire Diving: Day & Night Riviera Maya, Mexico: Diving Cenotes with Beyond Diving Honduras: Diving Roatan with CoCo View Resort Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4 Underwater Video Examples Mexico: Diving Cozumel with Blue XT~Sea Diving. 2018 PADI Women's Dive Day @ Channel Islands Nat'l Park PADI Tec Series training dives with Horizon Divers aboard the ex-USS Spiegel Grove in Key Largo, Florida. Check out the underwater world off the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Diving Guanaja: Bay Islands, Honduras (2021) Florida Diving: Boynton Beach (2020) California Diving: The Channel Islands Florida: Dive on the Ex-Spiegel Grove Honduras: Diving Guanaja with Clearwater Paradise Resort Mexico: Diving Socorro Islands with Nautilus Belle Amie Hawaii: Diving Ni'ihau with Fathom Five Divers $5 Dive Flashlight: Too Good to be True? Indonesia Diving: Wakatobi Dive Resort When a green sea turtle passes a scuba diver, there is clearly a mission ahead! Watch what happens. Florida: Lionfish hunting in Panama City. The DUSLATE MINI: World's First Electronic Diving Slate Kailua-Kona HI: The Manta Ray Waltz Red Sea, Egypt: Unexpected Swim with Dolphins

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    PADI & HSA Scuba Training Members of ATA/BAR Divers are certified diving professionals (instructors/divemasters) with PADI (Professional Association of Scuba Diving Instructors) and HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association). We offer instruction in the area of Ventura County, California, in association with our partner dive shop operators. Our PADI Professionals offer instruction in English and Korean. 한국어에 능통합니다. ​ Our typical course offerings include the following: ​ PADI Open Water Diver PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Handicapped Scuba Association multilevel diver certification (based upon in-water abilities) PADI Enriched Air Diver PADI Night Diver PADI Deep Diver PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy PADI Underwater Navigator PADI ReActivate™ Scuba Refresher Course PADI Search & Recovery Diver PADI Dry Suit Diver PADI Drift Diver PADI Rescue Diver Emergency First Response® (First Aid/CPR) Instruction We pride ourselves in thorough instruction at all levels. Scuba training should never be a speed learning course, but that is what it has become at many dive locations around the world. We are committed to making you a successful and safe diver, and we take our time to make sure you get the most from our courses. We expect you make a similar time commitment of your time, preparation and attention. ​ For example, in a typical Open Water Diver course, plan on spending up to four hours in the classroom, up to 10 hours in the pool, and two full days (up to six open water dives) diving the beautiful Channel Islands. If this level of commitment is not compatible with your schedule, we suggest you seek training elsewhere. ​ Read what our former students have to say about their learning experiences with instructors affiliated with ATA/BAR Divers. To find out about upcoming courses, please contact us .

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    Fortress Clothing® Xsssss Bottom Line Xxxxxxx During an airing of ABC’s Shark Tank , our attention was drawn to a pitch on Episode 10, Season 11 when a video played of a man plunging himself into an ice hole . What was most intriguing was how quickly he claimed to recover from that bone-chilling experience. ​ The man taking the icy dip through a frozen lake hole wore apparel from Fortress Clothing®, a Utah-based company whose slogan is Warm to the Core™. Fortress Clothing describes itself as “… an outdoor clothing brand that keeps your core warm, even when you’re wet,” ( ) and claims “we found a way to keep you warm even when wet” ( ). As divers, our immediate thought was if this clothing line had an application in the underwater environment. The Fortress Clothing website focuses on outdoor enthusiasts, snow sport athletes, industrial workers, public safety, military personnel & preppers. What about the diving sector? We reached out to the company and corresponded with Dale Lewis, President of Fortress All Weather Gear. According to Dale, the company has a number of drysuit divers using Classic (½-inch insulation) Fortress Clothing apparel as undergarments and have reported “great success.” We had to find out for ourselves. Without much delay, our first Fortress apparel arrived. For our first boat dive outing, we tried the Base Pro 1/4 Zip as a surface interval warm-up top for the wetsuit diver and the Base Pro Crew as undergarment top for the drysuit diver. For those not familiar with Southern California diving: It can be an uncomfortable experience, with ocean temperatures dipping into the low 50s in wintertime. Depending on air temperature, it is not unusual for there to be little respite from the cold. Scuba parkas provide little relief for wetsuit divers during surface intervals and dry suit undergarments are known to quickly become uncomfortable with the smallest of seal leaks. Here are how are tests turned out: Wetsuit Test With water temperatures hovering at 57°F and air temperature in the mid-60s, warming up between dives with a wetsuit is usually a challenge. After exiting the water, our male divers stripped his 7/8 mm wetsuit down to the waist. The Base Pro 1/4 Zip was pulled on and it immediately began warming the chest, stomach, back, and arms. During the standard 60-minute surface interval, core temperatures returned to normal—which was a pleasantly unique experience. The only wish was to try out the Fortress gloves to make chilly hands warmer! The collar design on the Base Pro 1/4 Zip makes it impractical for use under a wetsuit. The long sleeves defeat the internal dams built in the arms of most semidry wetsuits. A vest might make for a good insulating layer for wetsuit divers. Drysuit Test Used as the only undergarment top with the Waterproof D1 Hybrid, the Base Pro Crew proved to handle a leaky neck seal wonderfully. The outer portion of the top was wet to the touch, but the water wicked away from the inside leaving the diver dry and warm. She was not aware of the neck leak until after the dive when it was evident the outer portion of the top was wet. On a second boat trip, the diver used the same configuration, but this time, a much larger slug of water—about a cup—entered the neck seal. The diver felt the water enter her drysuit but her skin stayed dry throughout the dive. This is not like most drysuit undergarments that get wet and cold with any type of leak. Other characteristics: Buoyancy & Fit Fortress Clothing items have slight positive buoyancy. When fully saturated, the Base Pro Crew floated at the surface of a freshwater pool. Adding one pound caused the top to sink. As a drysuit undergarment, the diver added one pound to her weights to compensate for the Base Pro Crew buoyant characteristics in ocean water. ​ The Fortress apparel sizing chart was accurate for us. Drysuits like the Waterproof D-1 are loose-fitting and less-snug undergarments work acceptably, but if you wear a neoprene drysuit, you might want to consider going a size smaller in tops to ensure a snug fit under an equally snug overgarment. Next Tests In cold water (<60°F): Wear the Classic Vest under a wetsuit to see if the vest enhances core warmth retention and/or shortens surface interval recovery time. In tepid water (~75°F): Wear the Classic Vest over a long sleeve rash guard (no wetsuit) to determine if the vest enhances core warmth retention and/or shortens surface interval recovery time.

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    PADI Dry Suit Specialty Diver Course As a courtesy to local diving enthusiasts and potential scuba students, we offer this list of scuba class courses and schedules. These links reflect the latest information available from the noted PADI training facility on each class page. ATA/BAR Divers does not make or accept training class reservations. Please call or visit the respective PADI training facility to sign-up for classes. Prices subject to change —and classes subject to cancellation —without notice.

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    PADI Open Water Diver Course As a courtesy to local diving enthusiasts and potential scuba students, we offer this list of scuba class courses and schedules. These links reflect the latest information available from the noted PADI training facility on each class page. ATA/BAR Divers does not make or accept training class reservations. Please call or visit the respective PADI training facility to sign-up for classes. Prices subject to change —and classes subject to cancellation —without notice.

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    A Fine Fin The DEFIANT XT from INDIGO INDUSTRIES Bottom Line The Defiant XT from INDIGO INDUSTRIES has replaced my venerable pair of SCUBAPRO Twin Jets. These are the only set of blade fins that do not cause pain from excessive midfoot flexion. I loved my SCUBAPRO Twin Jets . For the last 15 years, they have been my only set of fins, and for good reason. Besides being uberly-cool bright yellow in color, they were the only fins I could wear that allowed me to dive pain-free. I have tried many other fins to no avail. The blade pressure created by conventional (non-split) blade fins on my funky foot (clinically known as posterior tibial tendon deficiency ) causes intolerable pain with any amount of midfoot flexion. That is until I tried out the DEFIANT XT from Indigo Industries . ​ UPDATE: Check out our review of INDIGO INDUSTRIES' TAC Non-Military fin . ​ Maybe you have haven’t heard of this company yet. You might have missed the many positive reviews in most of the popular dive magazines over the last couple of years. It’s non-traditional, modular fin design is an eye-catcher on dive boats. ​ Describing the fit of this fine fin is easier said than done, but here is my experience to date: The structure of the Defiant XT provides a booted foot with a solid platform (officially called the power transfer plate ) to work with. With its comfortable but firm foot pocket grasp, my foot and the Defiant XT become one. The Defiant XT is negatively buoyant in salt water. The Defiant XT fins weigh one pound less than my venerable Twin Jets (4 lbs v. 5 lbs weight respectively for each fin set). The blades are about five inches shorter than the Twin Jets (∼20” versus ∼25”). The Defiant XT uses different muscle groups in your lower legs, so don’t be surprised by a little muscle soreness to start. Power is not a problem. Dolphin kicking at the surface seems to be particularly effective. Reverse fin kicks are impossible with split fins. Finding the reverse gear with the Defiant XT is pretty easy. Conventional rubber fin straps are an absolute pain in the bootie . Run—don’t walk—to buy a pair of spring straps for your Defiants. (FYI: Indigo is poised to produce their own spring straps in the near future.) Not any spring strap will work; chances are your local dive shop won’t carry the right brand. I purchased the EZ Recreational Diver – Comfort Grip spring strap from Innovative Scuba Concepts . These straps come in four sizes: S-M-L-XL. For my size 15 feet, I use a size large. They work great. Used regularly with the hard-soled Henderson Molded Sole Gripper Boot , the foot pocket fit is firm and tight—which is exactly what I need. Getting the fin off this boot can be a challenge at times, but I’m okay with that. Three fin “stiffeners” are available with the Defiant XT. I used the “soft” stiffener. Medium and hard stiffeners are also available. Sizing information is available here . I have yet to try the optional full foot pocket, designed for bootless diving.

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    Why Keep a Dive Log? Bottom Line : While maintaining a dive log is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. What you log and why you log it is a personal decision, much like what you put in a diary. The benefits of maintaining an accurate logbook can help you in many ways. Find out how a log can benefit you. “What do I write down?” is usually the question Open Water students ask when confronted with a blank dive log page for the first time. Think of your dive log as a personal diary—no one is required to one but many people do. The same holds true with dive logs—you are not required to keep one, but it is strongly suggested. Why? The biggest reason to keep a log is to record important aspects of your dive, including: Location Date Time |In the water/out of water Dive Profile |Dive type (shore/boat/night), bottom time, depth, surface interval, pressure groups, safety stop details Conditions |Weather, visibility, water, temperatures Equipment |Configuration, proper weighting Experiences |Observations, challenges, buddies, accomplishments Gas |Type, tank size/type, start/stop pressures, consumption rate, supplemental systems Cumulative Information |Total dive time to date, dive number to date ​ Most logs have space for a verification signature from a dive buddy, instructor or Divemaster. Some even have space for a boat or dive shop stamp or sticker. Many divers have turned their logbooks into an impressive collection of ornate dive shop stamps and stickers from around the world for fellow divers to envy. Incorporating these into your logbook gives an added level of credibility to your underwater feats. ​ If you travel to dive, think about packing your dive log. Some dive operators will ask to see your dive log to confirm you have the experience you claim and it’s also an easy way to log dives as you go. ​ When it comes to continuing education, certain levels of PADI advanced certification (like Divemaster and Open Water Scuba Instructor ) require a specific number of dives and dive types. ​ Preprinted dive logs, like the ones provided with your PADI Open Water class materials (Figure 1), are designed to hold specific information but, in reality, the log can be nothing more than a blank page with whatever information you find relevant to record. ​ There are many options available to put your dive logs online, from free solutions like PADI’s ScubaEarth (Figure 2) to many subscription-based, non-proprietary digital logbooks like (Figure 3). ​ Many dive computers integrate into dive logging software that is often available for free. One example is the Suunto DM5 software (Figure 4) that integrates with the Suunto Eon Steel , among other Suunto computer products. ​ Whether you decide to log in hard copy or digitally, the biggest benefit to maintaining a dive logbook is recalling past experiences. Reliving your special moments in the water will surely bring back pleasant memories for years to come. Let’s go diving! Figure 1. PADI preprinted dive log. Figure 2. PADI ScubaEarth’s logbook readout. Figure 3. Example digital logbook readout. Figure 4. Suunto DM5 digital dive log.

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    Links Those of us at ATA/BAR DIVERS would like to share with you some of our favorite weblinks that we have personally utilized for anything from dive travel and operations, equipment purchases and repair, to diver training and tips. DIVE CENTERS ​ Ventura Dive & Sp ort California’s only full-service 5-star PADI Instructor Development Center where classroom, pool, boat and dive shop are all located under one roof. ​ Dive N Trips Located in Pleasanton, CA, Dive N Trips offers a wide variety of training opportunities from traditional PADI courses, tech diving, and scuba equipment repair technician courses. ​ TRAVEL DESTINATIONS/OPERATORS ​ Blue XT~Sea Diving Our favorite dive operator on Cozumel. Blue XT~Sea runs two 6-passenger boats with attentive, friendly crew members. Arguably two of the fastest dive boats in these waters. ​ Kohala Divers On ​Hawaii's Big Island, Kohala Divers is off the well-beaten path of Kailua-Kona dive operators. The 45-minute drive north is worth the trek. Dive known sites or ask the crew to take you somewhere new—you might get to dive unexplored areas and discover new swim-throughs. ​ CoCo View Resort Located on the Bay Island of Roatan, Honduras, CoCo View is recognized as the most returned-to dive resort in the world. No doubt it is, and there is good reason for this. ​ Clearwater Paradise Resort Located on the lesser-known Bay Island of Guanaja, Honduras, Clearwater Paradise is a full-service dive operation that offers exceptional dining, comfortable accommodations, and unique underwater topographies for experienced divers. ​ Belmar Apartments Located on Bonaire, Belmar Apartments are well-appointed with a full kitchen and can come with a pick-up and unlimited air or nitrox fills for your shore diving pleasure at two convenient locations. ​ Beyond Diving Experience Mexico’s Riviera Maya and cenote diving with Erik and company and consider advancing your training into sidemount, tech, cavern or cave. ​ Diver's Den Our favorite hangout in Panama City Beach, Florida, for lionfish hunting and exploring the Gulf. ​ Fathom Five Divers Interested in diving the waters of Hawaii's "forbidden island" of Ni'ihau? Fathom Five has an excellent crew that will make your trip a pleasurable one. ​ VIRTUAL TRAINING SITES ​ Utila Dive Center Our exposure to UDC has been limited to being virtual “students,” but we have learned quite a bit from Andy Phillips and staff through their extensive library of YouTube postings . ​ Steve Prior Mr. Prior is a PADI Course Director and has posted many helpful YouTube videos for aspiring PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors. Scuba Nashville Are you a little rusty on dive tables? Scuba Nashville will bring you up-to-speed in no time with their terrific YouTube videos on this confusing, old-school topic. Alec Pierce Scuba Mr. Pierce has decades of experience in the dive industry and has an incredible library of videos posted on his YouTube channel, covering a variety of topics too numerous to mention here, but here is a taste: Regulators, masks, fins, booties, dust caps, clips... The list goes on. ​ Innerspace Explorers – ISE If you are a recreational diver looking to expand your general knowledge of the sport beyond your basic training, check out his long list of videos . German host and ISE founder Achim Schlöffel offers a wide array of tips from knot-tying skills and gear configuration to shooting an SMB… and much more for tech divers.