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$4 Wet Notes Pad
The WEATHERMAX All Weather Notepad Works Well

Bottom Line

If you need to take notes into the water but don't want to spend big money on a custom diver's underwater notepad, consider this under $4 alternative.

Need to take notes underwater but don’t want to pay $30 or more for a custom solution designed exclusively for divers? Check out the WeatherMax™ All-Weather Notepad.


We recently used this notepad to jot down tec dive gas plans. Wrist slates have been a disappointment in the past; pencil notes can easily smear making important notations illegible. Larger slates and specialized diver notepads are cumbersome and can be overkill.

Measuring 6” x 3” the WeatherMax looks like any other pocket-sized notepad except this one works underwater, and it works well.

After nearly a dozen deep, long dives, below is what our original gas management plan notes looked like. The notes were made with a regular pencil at the surface. No smearing and a high contrast between paper and pencil marks. Notes can be erased using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad.

The WeatherMax™ All-Weather Notepad is available at Lowe’s and other retailers for under $4.

Close-up of gas management notes.
WeatherMax All Weather Notepad cover
Gas management notes
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