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Going Pro:

The Road to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)

Have you considered becoming a PADI scuba professional? Becoming a PADI Pro is not a difficult process so long as you prepare yourself properly. If you think you can “wing it,” or take shortcuts to proper preparation, you might be sorely disappointed.


In 2015, a few of us at ATA/BAR DIVERS took the challenge and became PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors.  We are not going to discuss what the IDC or IE is or what it was like; instead we offer a list of resources we found particularly useful in our successful completion of the PADI scuba instructor curriculum.


Study Groups

We believe that a key to your future success with the IDC and IE is finding like-minded divers with common goals. Forming an IDC study group was a crucial component to our eventual success. We studied individually for months and spent several weekends together in our study group reviewing material and discussing formulas.


Steve Prior

We do not know Mr. Prior, but we feel like we do—he’s been “in our lives” for well over a year. Steve is a Platinum Course Director with PADI, and his YouTube postings are literally a buffet for your scuba knowledge-starved brain. He makes confusing subject matter like dive physics and physiology incredibly simple. We highly suggest you subscribe to his YouTube channel—you might want to consider attending his IDC too. If Egypt isn’t around the corner for you, Mr. Prior also offers IDC preparatory distance learning if you need additional help before you tackle your IDC.


Utila Dive Centre

Another treasure-trove of online learning resides on the Utila Dive Centre’s YouTube channel. Andy Phillips, the late course director at Utila Dive Centre, has a multi-part series on the PADI Divemaster and Instructor “24 skills circuit,” among other excellent training videos. As part of the IDC and IE, you must be able to demonstrate all 24 required skills, and this is a great way to hone these necessary instructional techniques.


Scuba Nashville

Having a problem with your dive tables? Check out Scuba Nashville’s YouTube video series and you will be up-to-speed on complex RDP use in no time at all. A great resource.

This site is supported by a number of IDCs, some of which have already been mentioned here. Some very good study materials and sample IDC tests.


Instructor Development Course

As assistant instructors, we needed to complete OWSI training (OWSI is a subcomponent of IDC, but referred to as “IDC” here—click here for a full explanation if you need clarification) to be eligible to sit for the PADI Instructor Examination (IE). Our IDC instructor was PADI Course Director Perry Boyer. (Visit Perry’s Facebook page, RUADiver, here.)


Perry brought all of the PADI concepts into focus. He oozes enthusiasm for diving and the greater scuba industry. The OWSI class was conducted over five consecutive days with classroom, confined water, and open water sessions lasting over 13 hours (not including homework) on most days. Although the class was grueling at times, our journey to the IE at PADI world headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita would not have been as successful without his expert tutelage. We could not offer a more positive endorsement for Captain Perry Boyer.

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