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Scuba Tips & Tricks

We love to dive, and our goal is to share information about dive-related items of interest. The opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the founding members of ATA/BAR Divers and do not reflect the opinion of dive operators we may be affiliated with. Our orientation is a positive one that promotes the good things in diving; we do not dwell on the bad. Experiences can be different depending on the divers involved. We offer you our opinions on our experiences; we do not offer a forum to voice differing opinions on our postings. We welcome you to post differing opinions at other sites.

The Mighty H-Valve

A veteran technical diver shares his reasons for using H-valves when diving recreational profiles.

Traveling with Three Fins

We've all heard about "save-a-dive kits" containing a spare mask strap, O-rings, zip ties, duct tape, silicone, multipurpose too, and batteries. My "kit" includes a third fin.

Tank Transmitter Pods & Short Hose Connections

If you use an air integrated dive computer, how do you connect your tank transmitter pod to your first stage? If you connect the pod directly to a first stage high pressure port, think about adding a short high pressure hose between the two for an added measure of safety.

Travel with Dive Gear... Or Not?
There are three types of dive travelers: The PACKERS, The RENTERS, and The LIGHTWEIGHTS. What kind of a dive traveler are you?

A Case of Bad Gas?
Some air tank contaminants are impossible to detect without the help of technology. Make sure the air you breathe is as fresh as a morning breeze.

Computerless Diving
If you don’t use a dive computer, you must calculate your dives the good old fashioned way to avoid the dangers of DCS... But why would you do that??


A Solution for Swimmer's Ear
When you are diving at a remote destination and medical care is nowhere to be found, check out this ear remedy that worked wonders for us.


Breathe Like a Diver
Breathing like a diver is unnatural and can be challenging for new divers. Follow these tips for out-of--water for extra practice to hone this skill. 


Visibility in or Under the Water
Being visible in or under the water is rarely a bad thing. Here is an idea to help make you a standout diver whether on or beneath the water's surface.


Toxic Sunscreens Harm Coral Reefs
Did you miss the news? The sunscreen you are using might be killing sea life like coral reefs. Read the ingredients label! "Reef Safe" sunscreen is no guarantee.


Why Keep a Dive Log?
Think of your dive log as an important diary of your experiences underwater, and there are reasons to keep yours current. 


Snorkel Clips (Keepers)
Just a little piece of plastic? If you're a student diver, spend some time making this purchasing decision.


Buddy Checks: BWRAF
When it comes to buddies, this pre-dive safety check should never be considered optional.


Magnifying Glass Brings Focus to Dive
Eyes of any age diver can benefit from a simple magnifying glass. Add a one to your dive kit and bring your underwater adventures into focus.


Saving Soles on Bonaire
Some destinations may surprise you went it comes to beach entries, and Bonaire was one such surprise for us.


Know Your Hose: Regulator Hoses
Sometimes, the best deal is not. Bubbles, leaks and problems with online resellers and their warranties.

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