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The Magnifying Glass
Brings Your Dives Into Focus

Bottom Line

The eyes of any age diver can benefit from a simple magnifying glass. Macrolife viewing or any life viewing, it doesn't matter! Adding a magnifying glass to your dive kit will bring your underwater adventures into focus.

Magnifying glass, bolt snap and split ring
Magnifying glass underwater in action

No matter how old your eyes might be, bringing along a magnifying glass on your next dive outing will bring into focus a new dimension of our underwater world.


On a trip to Roatan, Honduras, we first noticed this equipment addition on divers of a certain age (60+), but even younger divers can benefit from this inexpensive piece of equipment.


Weight of the glass and bolt snap is negligible. In this example, the magnifying glass, bolt snap and split ring can be easily clipped to a BCD D-ring or stowed in a gear pocket. This particular magnifying glass has a plastic handle and a glass lens (to reduce incidental scratches but does increase weight ever-so-slightly). It is wide enough to allow divers to use both eyes to view small creatures. Smaller, circular magnifying glasses might require only one eye.

Especially when it comes to macro-life, a magnifying glass can be a benefit to divers of any age!

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