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PADI & HSA Scuba Training

Members of ATA/BAR Divers are certified diving professionals (instructors/divemasters) with PADI (Professional Association of Scuba Diving Instructors) and HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association). We offer instruction in the area of Ventura County, California, in association with our partner dive shop operators. Our PADI Professionals offer instruction in English and Korean. 한국어에 능통합니다.

Our typical course offerings include the following:


We pride ourselves in thorough instruction at all levels. Scuba training should never be a speed learning course, but that is what it has become at many dive locations around the world. We are committed to making you a successful and safe diver, and we take our time to make sure you get the most from our courses. We expect you make a similar time commitment of your time, preparation and attention.

For example, in a typical Open Water Diver course, plan on spending up to four hours in the classroom, up to 10 hours in the pool, and two full days (up to six open water dives) diving the beautiful Channel Islands. If this level of commitment is not compatible with your schedule, we suggest you seek training elsewhere.

Read what our former students have to say about their learning experiences with instructors affiliated with ATA/BAR Divers. To find out about upcoming courses, please contact us

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Handicapped Scuba Association Certified Instructors
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