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Those of us at ATA/BAR DIVERS would like to share with you some of our favorite weblinks that we have personally utilized for anything from dive travel and operations, equipment purchases and repair, to diver training and tips.


Ventura Dive & Sport

California’s only full-service 5-star PADI Instructor Development Center where classroom, pool, boat and dive shop are all located under one roof.


Kohala Divers

On ​Hawaii's Big Island, Kohala Divers is off the well-beaten path of Kailua-Kona dive operators. The 45-minute drive north is worth the trek. Dive known sites or ask the crew to take you somewhere new—you might get to dive unexplored areas and discover new swim-throughs. 

CoCo View Resort

Located on the Bay Island of Roatan, Honduras, CoCo View is recognized as the most returned-to dive resort in the world. No doubt it is, and there is good reason for this.

Clearwater Paradise Resort

Located on the lesser-known Bay Island of Guanaja, Honduras, Clearwater Paradise is a full-service dive operation that offers exceptional dining, comfortable accommodations, and unique underwater topographies for experienced divers.

Belmar Apartments

Located on Bonaire, Belmar Apartments are well-appointed with a full kitchen and can come with a pick-up and unlimited air or nitrox fills for your shore diving pleasure at two convenient locations.

Beyond Diving

Experience Mexico’s Riviera Maya and cenote diving with Erik and company and consider advancing your training into sidemount, tech, cavern or cave.

Diver's Den

Our favorite hangout in Panama City Beach, Florida, for lionfish hunting and exploring the Gulf. 

Fathom Five Divers

Interested in diving the waters of Hawaii's "forbidden island" of Ni'ihau? Fathom Five has an excellent crew that will make your trip a pleasurable one.


Utila Dive Center

Our exposure to UDC has been limited to being virtual “students,” but we have learned quite a bit from the late Andy Phillips and staff through their extensive library of YouTube postings.

Steve Prior

Mr. Prior is a PADI Course Director and has posted many helpful YouTube videos for aspiring PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors.


Scuba Nashville

Are you a little rusty on dive tables? Scuba Nashville will bring you up-to-speed in no time with their terrific YouTube videos on this confusing, old-school topic.


Alec Pierce Scuba

Mr. Pierce has decades of experience in the dive industry and has an incredible library of videos posted on his YouTube channel, covering a variety of topics too numerous to mention here, but here is a taste: Regulators, masks, fins, booties, dust caps, clips... The list goes on.

Innerspace Explorers – ISE

If you are a recreational diver looking to expand your general knowledge of the sport beyond your basic training, check out his long list of videos. German host and ISE founder Achim Schlöffel offers a wide array of tips from knot-tying skills and gear configuration to shooting an SMB… and much more for tech divers.

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